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Group programs

An attractive combination of German lessons in the morning and culture in the afternoon offers our special language program for any kind of groups like school classes, student groups etc.

The educational and leisure-time character of study travels for young people reaches a lasting revaluation and brings to all participants a culture and learn experience which last but not least increases motivation.

Pupils of the Wang Handelsskole Oslo, Norway

Students of the Moscow State University
The tuition corresponds to the age and the learning level of the group.
Participants who have no knowledge in German language or who have studied the German language in their native countries only, attain a personal feeling for the country, its people, their language and culture for the first time. Participants who have been to Germany before will broaden their spheres of experience through new valuable insights and findings.


1 week, with 25 lessons (5 x 5 l.) or 20 lessons (5 x 4 l.)
Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 1:00 pm or 9:00 am - 12:15 pm

 Cultural program in the afternoon (optional)


Visit of the Old Masters Picture Gallery or visit of the Historic Green Vault or visit of the Museum Dresden Fortress


Guided tour at the Transparent Factory of Volkswagen Dresden or guided tour at the Semper Opera and the Frauenkirche<


Trip to Meißen including a visit of the Albrechtsburg and the Meißen Cathedral as well as a guided to tour at the Extended Porcelain Museum of Meißen


Elbe trip on a steam-ship to Pillnitz Palace or to the famous Bastei in Saxon Switzerland

The procedure and contents of the cultural program will be arranged according to your wishes. For the arrangement of the cultural program we charge 75 €. The costs for entrances and transport depend on the selected events. An extension of the language stay is possible.

If you wish so, we will book your accommodation in the hostel or youth hostel of your choice. You can also book the desired accommodation yourself easily and free of charge via our accommodation site. If you want the DSD to book accommodation for you, we will charge a nonrecurring booking fee of 100 €.

To receive an individual offer please send us >> your request.