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German Phonetics & Rhetoric

A very particular course is our creative training in German phonetics and rhetoric. Especially singers and actors from abroad being engaged at German theatres or opera houses know how important it is to dispose of an excellent pronunciation and a strong mode of expression.

Our courses in German phonetics and rhetoric addresses all those, who need an elaborated oral ability in German language for their professional life, such as artists, business men, journalists, scientists or politicians. By means of classic and contemporary German texts (lyrics, poetry, speeches) you will achieve a comprehension of the German art of language, a well improved pronunciation, a rich vocabulary and the ability to build impressive phrases on your own.

A helping hand for oral exercising and self-control will give you the use of language software, DV-cam, audio and video.

Dates & Lesson-times
Our German courses for the Job are available throughout the year.
Depending on the demand the courses will be executed as individual teaching, 1-to-2 tuition or in small classes. For small classes we offer two options: intensive course in the morning or after work class in the evening.

Contents & Performances:

  • free placement test
  • certified literature
  • improving the existing knowledge
  • working out the substance of classic and contemporary German texts
  • phonetic exercises, reciting, holding free speeches
  • creating texts (short stories, lyrics, speeches)
  • creating and presenting the personal and professional profile
  • final exam with DSD Certificate
  • multimedia devices (language software, DV-cam, audio, video)
  • free use and individual learning at our library (language software, books, CD, DVD, videos)
  • free internet access