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Teaching method

The fundamental of our inter-active lessons is the direct and communicative teaching method, which enhances the dynamic group process as well as the concentration and motivation of each participant.

Learning without any stress and pressure is our principle. The students different personalities are taken into account by individual communication channels. The participant is always the center of the teaching process.

Sensitive address will encourage the participants to express themselves in the new language from the very beginning of the course. Games like improvised interviews or sketches help to overcome very quickly the natural symptoms of shyness, embarrassment and inhibition. The enhancing pace of speaking as well as the steady growing vocabulary will be compensated by continuous repetition.

Creative lessons and regular learning control tests enable the participant to perceive and understand the fineness of German grammar.

Multimedia devices such as language software helps the participants to obtain the proficiency of listening and speaking with ease. By means of audio and video sequences the perception and imitation of authentic German language models will be trained.

As an efficient support of self-control and analysis the participants work out and perform short dialogues and plays on their own, which will be recorded on tape or on DV-cam. This will help to get a real feeling for the own German speaking and enables to recognize and correct mistakes.